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*September 21, 1986 - Santa Ana / Youth - Gilbert / Brigham Young University

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"Gratitude is the most powerful antidote for depression, pride and jealousy," Stirling wrote. "Gratitude precedes joy and unlocks the pathway to self-love, giving love, creativity and to your own potential."


Violins. Alot. Occasionally you can hear her singing. Good times.


belgian waffles, the color orange, cereals, Milka Oreo, EDM, puppies and of course her stirlingites!

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dancing violinist, composer, singer, mormon (LDS), youtuber, gamer, 161cm, altleast two alter egos known, platinum and gold records, humble&brave, already has a biography written

An introduction to the dancing violinist by Rene

Disclaimer: This is a Work-in-progress and there's so much going on in her life that its nearly impossible to keep track on everything. But I'll do my best. Let me point you to her autobiography at this point which is a must-read for everyone that wants to know more about her. You can get it from Amazon or even let her read it to you on audible. (ISBN-13: 978-1501119170). If you find mistakes or have an idea to contribute - drop a mail to hello(at)


Early years

Stardate -336278 (21.09.1986) Lindsey was born in Santa Ana in California and mostly raised in Gilbert (Arizona) with her two sisters. At the age of six she started to take violin lessons, but only half of the usual lessontime was possible since the family lived in very humble circumstances. She graduated from Mesquite High School and went later to the Brigham Young University to study film school, moving to Provo. 

There was a time in my life when I lost all my ambition, I had no purpose, and I began to hate myself. - Lindsey Stirling about becoming a mormon

Lindsey is a mormon (LDS) and went on a missionary year in New York. Afterwards she went back to Provo to finish her studies at the BYU in recreational therapy and worked in rehab centers with troubled teens.

The birth of the dancing violinist

In 2010 Lindsey went to America's Got Talent. A TV show that essentialy is a giant talent grinder where some "judges" take a short look at many, many people and afterwards either hype or insult them. One can easily see how shallow that TV format is seeing that Lindsey was upvoted on episode 510 by all three judges, was even called the "judges favorite" in episode 511 and later on the quarterfinals in episode 519 she was thrown into the "grinder" by Piers Morgan. He "buzzed" her out. First she was a favorite then, well, look at the quotes below.

“You’re not untalented, but you’re not good enough to get away with flying through the air and trying to play the violin at the same time.” - Piers Morgan

"There were times when it sounded to me like a bunch of rats being strangled," Morgan said, looking at Stirling. "Seriously. That bad." 

He also told her that the world wouldn't need "an electronic violinist" and she would never fill concerts. Doubting it was his intention, this was the start of Lindsey's real music career. Of course she felt devastated at first but soon she recovered and tried to get a foot into the music industry. She had a hard time to get into it with the usual ways but when she teamed up with Devin Michael Graham and produced the YouTube video "Crystallize" with his help, a new star was born.

Sometimes, being different feels a lot like being alone. But with that being said, being true to that and being true to my standards and my way of doing things in my art and my music, everything that has made me feel very different... in the end, it has made me the happiest. - Lindsey Stirling

Being true to herself combined with her performance and style attracted many viewers and started the journey of a YouTube star that would be listed on the Forbes U30 list. She continued with both covers of famous video (game) themes and her own compositions resulting in a more and more growing fan base (called the Stirlingites). 

I was very unfamiliar with YouTube; I thought it was the place for dog and cat videos. - Lindsey Stirling

Moving onwards

She started a nearly one year long tour with Jason Gaviati (called Gavi) as keyboarder and Drew Steen on the drums. 128 concerts on four different continents.

After her debut album "Lindsey Stirling" and the breakthrough on YouTube she wrote the album Shatter Me. In 2015 she also wrote her autobiography with her sister Brooke which was published 12. Jan 2016 and reached the top 10 of NYT.

She suffered from anorexia and the album was inspired by her battle against it. She started to make cooperations on her own tracks and covers with many other musicians like Lzzy Hale (Shatter Me) or Pentatonix (Radioactive). Then Lindsey went again on tour for nearly a year (minor breaks) with Gavi and Drew.  She started touring with two male dancers until at the end of the Shatter Me/Musicbox tour she also built up her new team of female dancers, of which most still are on tour with her (2017).

Playing rather smaller venues during these tours she let her Stirlingites take part of her life and used the social media a lot to stay in touch (she does until today).

Sadly Gavi passed away on Nov 21, 2015 after fighting cancer (#wearegavi). Kit Nolan got a call from Drew and jumped in for the last concerts of the tour.

Gone, but not forgotten

Gavi's death hit Lindsey hard and if you grab some background information, see her live on her tour speaking about it, or simply put some interpretation into the Brave Enough album lyrics you get a hint at how devastating it was. There is a song called "Gavis song" on the album that they started to write together. The Stirlingites share her pain and show participation through #wearegavi (a hashtag, a legacy).

As you already have a hint at how strong and brave Lindsey is, she still suffers from the loss of course Nonetheless she was inspired to write the brave enough album and again toured with it through the US in 2016. After the mandatory Christmas break at home she prepared for the european part of the tour when life handed her another blow. Her father (Stephen J. Stirling), an author and educator, died on 24. Jan 2017 after battling cancer. 

On stage, she openly speaks about her faith and how it helps her to strive on after all this misfortune and inspires the audience with her guiding principles.

Who gave you the power to judge

Having a quite unique fanbase, with single fans travelling along complete concert legs, she started to fill bigger concerts while still appreciating also the smaller ones. She also still does the meet&greet where you can shortly hug her, take a picture with her and get two autographs (tour poster and and item you bring) and enjoy a Q&A and a single track exclusively in a small audience. It seems the fans that love to hear "squealing rats" are becoming more and more.

.@piersmorgan I'd love to invite you to my sold out show tomorrow at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Hit me back if you'd like to come. - Lindsey Stirling, twitter 2.4.2017

It's safe to say that by staying true to her style and spirit, she has not only succeeded at everything they told her she couldn't ever do, but also created a unique style that a lot of people love and get motivated and inspired by.

She's currently on tour in Australia and probably afterwards gets back to Los Angeles to spend some quality time with family, friends and of course Luna, her dog.


Some interesting side notes

Lindsey was Arizona's Junior Miss 2005.

As a child she suffered from ocular dominance. That's where the pirate comes in. Read the book!

Quotes&Sources at the end of page.

Family / Historical / Band


Disclaimer: This is a Work-in-progress and there's so much going on in her life that its nearly impossible to keep track on everything. But I'll do my best. Let me point you to her autobiography at this point which is a must-read for everyone that wants to know more about her. You can get it from Amazon or even let her read it to you on audible. (ISBN-13: 978-1501119170).

Lindseys Family 

  • Father: Stephen J. Stirling (Author) * Mar 11, 1953 ✝ Jan 24, 2017
  • Mother: Diane Stirling *March 10,
  • Siblings: Brooke S. Passey *Oct 10,1989, Jennifer Fletscher * Feb 17,1984, Marina Inagaki (adopted) *May 07,1989, Vladimir Stirling (adopted) *Jun 13 and Vova Stirling
  • Small fluffy resident: Lunalatte

Band members

  • Keyboarder (also called "main sidekick"): Jason Gaviati  *April 27, 1980 ✝ Nov 21, 2015 #wearegavi
  • Drummer: Drew Steen *May 13,1986
  • Keyboard&Guitars: Kit Nolan

Former bands she played in: Stomp on Melvin, Charley Jenkins country band

Schools/Education: Greenfield Junior High, Mesquite High School, Brigham Young University (recreation management)

Location: Arizona, Los Angeles, a tour bus

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Religion: Mormon, Church of the Latter-Day Saints




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Official YouTube channel

Lindsey BTS (Behind the scenes) channel

Live YouTube statistics :


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Born in Santa Ana

Arizona's Junior Miss

and Award in the America’s Junior Miss Finals

Youtube channel is created

America's Got Talent S05

Lindsey Stirling, Hip-Hop Violinist participates

America's Got Talent S5

The day Piers Morgan made one of the biggest mistakes in life and buzzed Lindsey out.

Creation of the Epic Violin Girl with devinsupertramp

est. date from Devin’s blog.
Start of the YouTube ride.

Lindsey starts her first world tour

Which lasts nearly a full year with 128 shows ending on August 28, 2013

1M YT Subscribers

German Echo award for best crossover act "Lindsey Stirling"

YT Award

Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix win “Response of the Year” YouTube Music Awards with “Radioactive”

Album "Lindsey Stirling" at #23 of the Billboard200

German Echo award for best crossover act "Shatter Me"

Album "Shatter Me" at #2 Billboard200

Says 32 weeks in the charts.

Debutalbum nomintad for the Billboard Music Awards

Shatter Me/Musicbox Tour

With 160 shows worldwide ending on September 5, 2015

5M YT Subscriber

YouTube Music Awards Winner

1B views on YT

Album "Shatter Me" won the Billboard Music awards

Top Dance/Electronic Album

Cameo appearance in Breaking Through


The Only Pirate at the Party released

Her autobiography.
Co-authored by Brooke S. Passey, Stirling’s sister

The Only Pirate at the Party #10 NYT bestseller

Album "Brave Enough" at #5 Billboard200

Start of the Brave Enough tour

The violins




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