Interview with Moonlit Kit

Moonlit Kit is a Southern California duo made up of Tyler Moon and Kit Nolan.


Welcome my fellow Stirlingites! Many of you might not know Moonlit Kit, or maybe even not know Kit Nolan if you are a fresh Stirlingite. So let me quickly introduce them to you!

Kit Nolan is the keyboard/guitar player that is touring with Lindsey Stirling.

And if that was not stressfull enough, he even made more music while being on tour (read more in the interview) with his duo Moonlit Kit. They are rather new but already have two songs out that can listen to right away! On top of that, Kit just took the time to answer some questions in our interview!



Welcome to our interview! Moonlit kit is still a new and rather unknown band, so … who are you?

Why Thank you! Moonlit Kit is a Los Angeles duo made up of Tyler Moon and Kit Nolan. We are both multi-instrumentalist and singers, but Kit forces Tyler to sing most leads cause he hates it more! ha!

When did you guys band together and thought “Yeah, lets do this” ?

The funny thing is Tyler was the first musician I played with when I moved to LA in 2010. I played with him in his Americana band. Our first gig was at this warehouse in the east part of Los Angeles and they brought in hay and horses and all sorts of crazy stuff to make it feel country. There was even mud wrestling in a little kiddie pool. It was my first gig in LA and it was, shall we say, an experience ha. Tyler and I remained friends since and late in 2016 we had been hanging out more and basically just said to each other “why the hell aren’t we making music?.” So now we do!

Music nearly always has influences. Most artist want to express something. What is yours?

If you go from a childhood perspective, I was pretty equally influenced by Michael Jackson and The Beatles (ya, I really go for those super unknown underground bands and artists ha). I think that comes out in the writing. There is definitely some of the 80’s michael in there, but also some of the melodic ideas that are more Beatles.


Composing music while a band member is on tour with someone else sounds complicated to me?

We live in an extremely interesting time. The most traditional approach in a band or duo would be to “jam” ideas out in a room together, and take those ideas into the studio. Another approach might be if someone has some sort of idea on an instrument like guitar and piano, and then you start producing it out with different sounds and feels and beats etc.

Well we kinda started backward. Because I am on the road with Lindsey Stirling so often, I bought myself a little mobile rig (If any gear heads are curious, my setup is a macbook pro, with logic X, a Universal Audio Octo Satellite, a M-Audio ProFire 610 interface. I just use a little dynamic mic for vocal ideas and recording any acoustic instrument ideas.) and started recording in dressing rooms all over the world. This has its draw backs of course. As any songwriter knows, coming up with vocal ideas often starts with extremely unflattering vocal ramblings. As you search for ideas your voice will probably go out of key, you arent worried about tone, and the melodies are 99% terrible. So imagine doing this backstage with 20 people you travel with all around you hearing you, as well as dozens of other strangers listening as well! It took me a long time to just forget about it and deal with the embarrassment. From there, I would email whatever little idea I got that day to Tyler and our producer for any feedback, and just go from there. It’s a slow, but effective process.


What do you think that makes your music stand out?

The way we write make us different that 99.9999% of bands out there. There is something about sending stuff over email and having to wait for feedback for hours that puts my creative brain in a new space. I will start to listen back to the demos with a different mind set once I send, maybe its an insecurity thing I dont know.

“Little ways” and “Say you love” sound quite different. A lot of artists needed time to find their true sound or even change it intentionally like Linkin Park. What about your style? Which genre would you sort yourself to?

They do sound different. I don’t know how important it is to have an exact sound anymore. With it being so simple to release to songs now, I think there is value in trying as many styles as you’d like and then just put them out. If someone doesn’t like one but likes another, thats ok. It isn’t like the old days when it was on a record and skipping songs was a pain. Now if they don’t like one release, they just won’t put it on a playlist 😉 We aren’t consciously trying to do different styles, we are just going with what we think sounds good.  

Moonlit Kit? How did you come to the name?

Playing off the two of us, Tyler MOON and KIT nolan 😉

Is a tour planned? Or maybe some smaller venues where we could see you live?

We are putting all of our energy into finishing the EP and building a following for now. I don’t believe it to be like the old days of touring to gain fans, we think we should grow the fan base first and then head out on tour when the time is right. I have played way too many shows in the past where our only audience is the other band playing and maybe the bartender. Ha ! Good times though !

Little ways sounds quite a bit rebellious. What is the deeper sense behind it?

I can see a little rebelliousness in it. I think it is more just optimistic. I tried to write those lyrics so that it could apply to many different points of views. It doesn’t really matter ones political view, religious view, outlook on life etc I think the idea of us all banding together to create something greater than we could on our own is a pretty universal thought.

What music/sound equipment are you using?

We record with a lot of UAD plug ins and hardware. We use a variety of soft synths and I am a Teton Guitar user, so all the guitars will be Teton. The piano will either be a Art Vista sampled piano or my Yamaha U30A upright.

Two Favorites of you!?

I love the San Francisco Giants baseball team, and I love Porch Swings on a warm summer night.

Which band/singer/artist would you guys love to be a primer/artist for?

I think opening for Coldplay would be awesome. Not only do they play giant stadiums, but I’ve gotten the chance to meet Chris Martin and he is a really great guy. Very down to earth and approachable. Not to mention I think their fans would enjoy our music.

What do you do if not making music?

I am pretty obsessed with baseball. It was the career path I was on before I got injured and moved over into music. So I watch a lot of baseball if I can.



Is there a full album in the queue?

We will have to see about a full album. The industry is changing so fast, and a lot of people, including me, are questioning the need for a full 10-12 song album in this day and age of instant releases. I could see us maybe doing a few EP sized releases digitally, and then compiling them together for a CD or for Vinyl or something.

Kit. Your birthday? (i need to try!)

I was never born muah ha ha!


Thank you Kit for that awesome interview! And of course YOU for reading it! Hope you enjoyed it!

Read more about Moonlit Kit or listen to their music here :

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Pictures from instragram accounts of Kit Nolan and Moonlit Kit.